Tuesday, 22 December 2020

I-Droid 01


Just recently acquired an I-Droid:01 (Dutch version i-Qbot:01)

My other projects got put on hold for a bit.

I-Droid:01 is not as old as Cybot. I-Droid:01 started life back in 2005. It has much better hardware inside it.

I have done a modification to the power pack like I did with my other projects. I think Li-Po are great. (I will show details if asked)

I also placed the video cables inside the robot.

I am currently in the process of making a new PC remote controller for it. The original being make when we had Windows XP. I had difficulty getting the original to work on windows 10.

It is still work in progress but it does the basic stuff so far:

Download: I-Droid_01_Remote_Controller.zip  ver.
Improved video feed and file download.

I have added a file explorer so that you can view Photos taken by I-Droid:01

Updated the view of *.c files to give them an editor look. (credit here for FCTB)

This is the fist time I have written something that receives video via Bluetooth.

Like most robot they have there pros and cons.
One cons with this robot is that it has not a very powerful drive system, sometimes it struggles with uneven terrain.
So I will also be making a modification to the drive wheels in the future.

Didn't Have a Serial Cable so made my own.


RJ12 Pins

RS232 Pins


























Done a tool to control I-Droid with a TV Infrared Remote.

Bluetooth Dongle.

I don't have an original Bluetooth dongle for the PC.
I think it was a BELKIN F8T013.
I have tried several from eBay, the one that currently works best for me is one that has the CSR (formerly Cambridge Silicon Radio) manufactured chip.

To be continued. (At sometime)

You can find more information about this robot at:

Saturday, 11 July 2020

Spherical Quadruped Robot

Based on Greg06 Spherical Quadruped Arduino-Robot

This one I have re-drawn so that I can print it easier and I have added Bluetooth control.
Also modified it so that the gaps are smaller.

I have had no time to write it up yet. (lazy)
If you have a go at making it, and need more info, please ask questions in the comments below.
I will update as needed.

So at the moment I have just uploaded the STL files to print the parts.
If you load All into a 3D CAD program like FreeCAD it will load them in there correct place.

Here is a few pictures to show some print orientation.

A few pictures to show Electrics placement.

Screws I use to fix the parts together are: M1.7 x 6mm Pan Head Flat Tail Self Tapping Screws.

The servos (10 required) are the cheap SG90 9G Micro Gear Servo.
If you can afford it, go for some with carbon or metal gears.

The sonar module is the cheaper US-026 Ultrasonic Module.
The distance between the TX and RX Sensors are different to the HC-SR04 module.

The Bluetooth Module needs a data voltage converter. (3v-5v)

Used a Mini-360 MP2307 DC-DC Step Down Buck to step down

Used a cheap CH340G Nano V3.0 ATmega328 for the controller.

Used a PCA9685 16 Channel 12-bit PWM Servo motor Driver I2C to control the servos and LED's.

Used 20 x 3mm LED's. Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White.

Batteries used are 2 x 3.7v 1200mA LiPo Batteries

I use plastic Cake Pops Sticks when making hinges and the like.
The size I have are 3.5mm dia. x 150mm long.

Used a LM2596 DC-DC module for dropping voltage to the servos.

Used single 2.54mm 0.1" Headers for making connections

More pictures:


Here are a few videos I made while making it:

I still need to add:
Wiring diagram.
The code for the Arduino.
The program for Android Phone.