About My Projects

About My Projects

Most of my project are made up as I go along.
That is, I have an idea, then I start making it, things change and evolve as I go along.
Also my projects are prof of concept while I am learning something new.

I like to make projects that do things.
So I use the Arduino NANO to control my projects.

A lot of the things I use to build my projects are things I have collected or repurposed from something else.

I have a Anet A8 3D Printer
3D Printed stuff is drawn and designed be my self.
Some of my 3D printed stuff have strange shapes due to the modifications I have made during the build.
I try to design my 3D printed parts so that any workings of mechanical parts can still be seen.

The software I use to design my 3D parts is: FreeCAD. (I am a firm supporter of Open Source Software)
Support can be given here: GitHub.

As my projects need to electronics to control them, sometimes I may need to make a custom Circuit Board.
If I want to test a circuit on a breadboard I will use: Fritzing, this has Breadboard layout to help design the placement of your components in the Breadboard.
If I want to make an actual Circuit Board I use: KiCad, This I feel is an exhalent Cross Platform and Open Source Electronics Design Automation Suite. That was a mouth full, I copied that of there site :)
Also with a FreeCad plugin (workbench), you can import a 3D board with components to your FreeCAD 3D model.

The Software and Firmware I use in my projects, is written by myself, I am no pro. I am self taught, so use the software and firmware accordingly.

The main IDE I use to write my Applications is: Microsoft Visual Studio Community.
For Arduino I use the Arduino IDE.
There is an Arduino Extension for Microsoft Visual Studio called: Visual Micro (Arduino IDE for Visual Studio).
Also there is Atmel Studio 7 for the more advanced. (which uses MS Visual Studio as the base)

A lot of my blog projects may seem to be old now, hope you still like them.
My newest projects can be found at my Instructables Web site. No point in doing the twice now.
If I haven't put one of my blogs on Instructables, it's I wait for a contest to enter.
If you go to my Home Web Page I have put links to all my projects.

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