About My Projects

About My Projects

Most of my project are made up as I go along.
That is, I have an idea, then I start making it, things change and evolve as I go along.
Also my projects are prof of concept while I am learning something new.

I like to make projects that do things.
So I use the Arduino NANO to control my projects.

A lot of the things I use to build my projects are things I have collected or repurposed from something else.

I have a Anet A8 3D Printer
3D Printed stuff is drawn and designed be my self.
Some of my 3D printed stuff have strange shapes due to the modifications I have made during the build.
I try to design my 3D printed parts so that any workings of mechanical parts can still be seen.

The software I use to design my 3D parts is: FreeCAD. (I am a firm supporter of Open Source Software)
If you like to give feedback on the latest version: GitHub.

As my projects need to electronics to control them, sometimes I may need to make a custom Circuit Board.
If I want to test a circuit on a breadboard I will use: Fritzing, this has Breadboard layout to help design the placement of your components in the Breadboard.
If I want to make an actual Circuit Board I use: KiCad, This I feel is an exhalent Cross Platform and Open Source Electronics Design Automation Suite.
Also with a plugin in FreeCad, you can import a 3D board with components to your 3D model.

The Software and Firmware I use is written by myself, I am no pro. I am self taught, so use the software and firmware accordingly.

The IDE I use to write my Applications is: Microsoft Visual Studio Community,
Arduino IDE for the Arduino, or with an Extension for Arduino called: Visual Micro (Arduino IDE for Visual Studio).
Also there is Atmel Studio 7 for the more advanced. (which uses MS Visual studio as the base)

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