Tuesday, 11 January 2022

ESP32-CAM Rotating the Camera

Got my self an ESP32-CAM Module.

The camera image cannot be rotated using the firmware for the camera module, so the module needs to held horizontal with the LED to the bottom like it is shown above.

I like things symmetrical and so I want the module to sit on my ROV vertical.
To do this the camera module will need to be rotated manually.
There is just enough length on the ribbon cable to do this.
The ribbon will need to be folded a certain way.
Folded correctly will rotate the camera 90 degrees and will put the aerial of the module to the top and the SD slot to the bottom.
I will not be using the SD slot as I need the GPIO Pins for controlling the motors on the ROV I will be making.

The First Fold.

This is a 45 degree fold in the ribbon.
Try to get it equal distance from both ends.
Gently squeeze the ribbon flat, I used some smooth pliers.

The Second Fold

After making the second fold, put a small drop of superglue between the ribbon of the first fold and a drop of superglue between the camera module and ribbon of the second fold.
Hold the camera down on a flat surface to stick the ribbon in place.

Last Fold

Once the ribbon is glued in place the last two bends can be done.
Because the connection for the camera module is lower than the SD case, a "Z" shape bend needs to be made to the ribbon close to the connector strip.


Now with the camera module fitted, the ESP32-Cam Module will need to be held Vertically.
SD slot to the bottom and the aerial to the top.

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